Monday, April 04, 2005


If you were near a TV tuned to a "news" network this past weekend as the Pope's health declined, You know how downright ugly it was. The mainstream media never fails to make me blush. Highlighted of course by some major jumping of the gun and calling the Pope "Dead" before he actually was. Slate has the run down...

"If it weren't for the death of Terri Schiavo yesterday, and the nation's recent obsessive conversation about the definition and meaning of the end of life, would the coverage of this pope's demise have such a relentlessly grisly, medicalized tone? It's as if the 24-hour networks, primed by the last few weeks of eagle-eyed vigil, have developed a taste for the gory details of infection and uremia, feeding tubes and EEGs. On shows like the Discovery Health Channel's Birth Day Live!, you can now watch babies being born; maybe soon, there'll be a channel devoted to watching old people die."


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